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Should McLaren Build A Shooting Brake?

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Maybe, but not using an F1 as the base car.

As a general rule of thumb, the only cars that can expect to be spared from the hand of some demented tuner with too much time and money on their hands are the ones so prized and rare that their butchering would cause a literal uprising. After all, even cars as special as the Ferrari 488 can’t be kept away from Liberty Walk, and Mansory has certainly ruined some of the finest automobiles out there, including the $3 million Bugatti Chiron.

But one of the few cars that tends to be left alone is the McLaren F1. With only 106 copies of it ever made - some of which have been wrecked by overzealous amateur racers (Tesla CEO Elon Musk can count himself among the group of F1 wreckers) - and the car’s status as one of the best supercars of all time, it would be downright stupid for someone to take a knife to one.

Fortunately, technology allows us to see what it would look like if someone actually did modify one of these rare gems, without actually having to submit one for sacrifice. This particular example comes from rendering artist Al Yasid Oozeear of the UK, who is also responsible for the hot-rod G-Wagon we’ve seen in the past.

The design itself shows off what a McLaren F1 would look like if it received the shooting brake treatment, kind of like Callaway gave the Corvette C7. In our eyes, seeing the coupe with a wagon’s rear end is downright heartbreaking. The addition of a wagon’s rear end completely ruins the F1’s classic lines and makes what is one of the sexiest cars around look awkward and out of place, as if it was the rejected design for an alien transport vehicle in an early Star Wars movie.

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Thankfully, despite the fact McLaren is starting to take utility into account as it has proved by building the new GT, the situation hasn’t gotten so dire that the company has decided to build an actual shooting brake. And while Mercedes recently debuted the CLA Shooting Brake, which could be taken as evidence that the body style is on its way back to life, the car isn’t technically a shooting brake because it has four doors instead of two.

Rather, this was Mercedes’ way of underscoring that the CLA really is a "four-door coupe” rather than a sedan, or in the Shooting Brake’s case, a wagon. Either way, this example will hopefully remind those with money and lunacy to keep their shooting brake rear ends off our treasured automobiles.