Should Mini Build a Small Pickup?


If the Paceman exists, then why can't a small truck?

Who would have thought that Mini would be building a small crossover in 2014 when the reborn brand launched back in 2000? Not many, if any, would be our guess. But that's exactly what it's done, and the Mini model lineup now numbers eight. Some argue there are too many Minis, while others like the variety. Whatever your opinion may be, the BMW-owned brand just revealed its one-off Paceman Adventure Concept, which is basically a Mini pickup. And we're digging it.


We'll be honest and say we were never fans of the Paceman, but by chopping out the rear seats and hatch and replacing them with a small truck bed, Mini may have just stumbled on to something awesome. Consider it a micro-pickup. Full-size trucks (and even small pickup trucks like the Chevy Colorado) don't work for everyone, and while a Mini pickup would definitely be too tiny for some, it may just fit the bill for a new generation of buyers. Sure, the bed is small but it looks big enough for the basics like coolers and camping gear. Mini insists the Paceman Adventure Concept is a one-off with no production intention, but maybe it should reconsider. There's simply nothing else out there quite like it.


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