Should Porsche Build This Ferrari 488 Fighter?

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The rumored mid-engined Ferrari-fighter looks superb, now please can they go ahead and build it already.

Porsche has been hard at work expanding its range over the past few years and while we can look forward to some exciting models like the new Taycan EV and latest 911, rumors of a Ferrari 488 challenging mid-engined supercar have remained just that, rumors.

It all started back in 2014 when the 918 hybrid hypercar was fresh on the scene. Various sources claimed that Porsche was also working on an eight-cylinder supercar, codenamed the 988, that would do battle with other mid-engined offerings from Lamborghini, McLaren, and Ferrari.

Power output predictions ranged between 550 and 650 horsepower for what was going to be a quad-turbo 4.0-liter flat or V8. Some publications claimed it would be set up to handle AWD or even hybrid drivetrains in the future too.

While the 988 has clearly not made it anywhere near production-ready status, the creative chaps at Invisive Design have given some serious thought to what this imaginary supercar would look like were it a reality. Dubbed the Porsche 988 Vision, it incorporates a number of design elements from the V10-powered Carrera GT, 918 Spyder and the upcoming Taycan too.

The attention to detail is very impressive and the Invisive design team has taken the trouble to showcase what the interior of this next-gen supercar might look like too with a digital instrument cluster and a central console much like the one found in a McLaren 720S.

The 988 Vision may never be anything more than just an utterly desirable set of renderings but to our eyes, what this car looks like is a two-door variant of the Taycan. Just swap out that imaginary quad-turbo V8 with a set of electric motors and this could just as easily be the next two-seater all-electric Porsche supercar, replete with AWD and 600 hp. Santa are you listening?

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