Should The Blue Oval Approve This Ferrari Owner's Ford GT Application?

We dare you to, Ford.

A few days ago Ford released the application for its new GT supercar. It’s pretty intense and lengthy, which might have scared off many people. One person who wasn’t scared off is YouTuber Leviathan. Despite driving a Ferrari F430 he still decided to create an application video. Now we have a feeling the Toronto-based Ferrari fan did this as a joke. The Ford GT and Ferrari have a bit of a history, after all. Also, Leviathan’s reasons for wanting to own a GT are pretty damn ridiculous.

Ford had to have known it would get a bunch of parody submissions when it released the GT’s online application. Despite being a Ferrari fan we think that Leviathan is worthy of a new GT. He seems like the kind of guy who would actually drive it and put the car all over social media. Isn’t that what Ford wants?

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