Should This Be The Successor To The Legendary Lexus LFA?

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No word yet on whether this one still has a wailing V10.

For a car that was stuck in development limbo for nearly a decade with comparable performance to cars that were half the price, the Lexus LFA has garnered a surprisingly passionate fanbase. Even today, people are still rabidly talking about it, the residuals remain mightily strong and the LFA has all the initial hallmarks of being a surefire future classic. What we'd really love, though, is if Lexus commissioned a successor - and especially if it looked something like this stunningly angular coupe.

It's sadly not an official Lexus project, but that didn't stop the Japanese carmaker's PR team from highlighting this incredibly daring design from the budding Californian design student Yang Sun. Though this LF-LA concept does bear some resemblance to the LF-LC and LFA, the main inspiration for the car's flowing, streamlined shape and the swooping bodywork creases were actually inspired by seashells. Of course, everyone's entitled to their own opinions on the aesthetic cohesiveness of the LF-LA, but there's no getting away from the fact that it's styled in an incredibly distinctive manner that emulates the rather radical and unique styling touches that underpinned its conceptual LFA predecessor.

Considering the LF-LA is so aesthetically different to the current Lexus range, it's highly likely that any supercar made by Lexus in the near future won't resemble this one-off design study. However, considering the Lexus PR team sees it worthy to promote and call attention to the LF-LA in spite of it not being an official project, you'd like to think that Yang Sun's made quite the impression with a few important bigwigs at Lexus.

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