Should This Crazy Kiwi Be A Contender To Host Top Gear?

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He does drive an M4. So there's a good start.

Now that it's all settled with Chris Evans officially taking over the Top Gear hosting reigns from Jezza and crew, the question now is: who will be his co-hosts? Actually, it could be you. As we previously reported, you can now submit an audition video of yourself explaining or demonstrating why you'd be an awesome host. Evans said there's no guarantee that a member of the public will be chosen, but it's cool they're at least trying this format.

And now Nick Murray, the crazy Kiwi who brought us the BMW M4 vs. Toyota Tacoma tug-of-war contest and other offbeat videos, has created his submission. What do you think of the guy? Is he a star waiting to happen or nothing more than another YouTube hopeful?

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