Should This Ferrari 599 Be Really Worth This Much?

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Jay Kay would buy it but would you?

The Ferrari 599 is one of the many well-made machines from Maranello. Sure, it's not the prettiest Ferrari from the modern era when compared to the 458 Italia or the F12 Berlinetta but its V12 makes it a really great car. If you're wondering what makes this car so special, Chris Harris can tell you as he used to own a Ferrari 599. Even though he had to sell the car, Harris absolutely adored the big Fezza and reported that it's a great car to drive. Now $160,000 is enough to buy a Ferrari 599 in reasonable condition and one can enjoy the car that Mr. Harris loved.

However, does the color of the supercar make it worth any more or less? That's the case with this signal green 2007 Ferrari 599 for sale at JamesEdition. Okay, signal green is a rare color for a Ferrari but does that make it worth the half million dollar asking price? This particular model doesn't even come with the rare manual gearbox and it wasn't owned by any famous celebrity so it's just another 599. Would you spend half a million dollars on this green 599 or on something less expensive, quicker and from the same family, like say a Ferrari 488 GTB?

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