Should You Spend Money Upgrading a Tesla?

It’s not exactly the first car that comes to mind when thinking about the tuning scene.

There are cars that were born to be modified – BMW 3 Series, Ford Mustang, Subaru WRX, and Honda Civic are a few cars that come to mind. But a Tesla? Everyone’s favorite EV seems to be impervious to criticism. If ever a car was deemed faultless, it would be the Tesla Model S. So why would anyone want to modify it? That’s a question best answered by the likes of California-based Unplugged Performance that is said to be working on performance and suspension upgrades.

In the meantime it has knocked together a styling program that adds a front lip spoiler, aerodynamic side skirts, a rear diffuser and trunk-mounted spoiler. It also built a new front fascia with an aggressive front bumper. So do all these changes make the car better or just different?

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