Showcase Your (Gear) Knob At Wisconsin's Annual Nude Car Show

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What car does one take to a nudist resort?

This August, in Cambridge, WI, a recreation club is hosting its Annual Nude Car Show. Two hobbies most people have never thought of combining, it appears there are nudists out there who not only appreciate cool cars but also, let's say, letting it all hang loose.

This show will be held at the Valley View Recreation Club, a campground that apparently specializes in nudist recreation and amenities, hosting events like naked golf cart races, naked volleyball tournaments, and, obviously, naked car shows.

There's no word on whether the car show has a theme, but now we're intrigued to know what types of cars the attendees prefer. We're guessing it won't be sports car owners, as recent research has shown that they have tiny wieners.
Valley View Recreation Club

The event is being held August 10-13 and will feature four days' worth of entertainment, meals, and cars. The venue's website explicitly states that all visitors to the grounds must adhere to the no clothes policy, so the event will be breezy.

The recreation center takes its nudist laws very seriously. No cameras or phones are allowed while staying there, and everyone must be civil and appropriate or risk being thrown out. It's an annual event, though there is little information on how long it's been happening or what kinds of cars have won awards in the past, primarily because of a lack of photos.

All we can say about the event is we're happy that people of all kinds can celebrate the joys of automobiles. As the event flyer has been making its rounds around social media, it's no surprise many jokes and jabs have been made at its expense.

Passione Engadina
Passione Engadina

The thing is, who are we to judge what people do in private places without bothering others? As the cliche goes, this is America, and luckily, people have the freedom to express and enjoy themselves however they like within reason. Car culture isn't here to gatekeep or judge (maybe just a little). Instead, we're here to enjoy cars.

So, more power to them. All we can say is we hope owners bring out some cool cars to an event like this. Are convertibles a good choice? Or do you prefer a roof and air conditioning? It will be August, so we know it'll be boiling, and a searing metal door or vinyl seat making contact with your birthday suit sounds pretty rough.

Hopefully, a Mustang or Camaro doesn't crash on its way out because we imagine that would be a pretty awkward conversation to have with the police.

Woodward Dream Cruise/Facebook
Woodward Dream Cruise/Facebook
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