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Sick Burnouts Like This Are What Drag Pak Challenger Owners Have To Look Forward To

The new Challenger's power is on full display here.

The Mopar Drag Pak Challenger was just confirmed a few days ago and already Dodge is showing just how nutty it’ll be. For those who missed the reveal, this is basically a Challenger designed solely to drag race. It’s not even street-legal! In this short clip we see the naturally aspirated Drag Pak (the 426 graphic gives away its engine) burning some rubber before rocketing off the line. What happens next will surprise you, but only if you doubt this new Challenger’s power (a top speed of 150 mph and an 8-second quarter-mile).

If you love muscle cars then this video is perfect for you. Hell, even if you hate muscle cars this video deserves a watch simply due to the impressive display of power.

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