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Sick Of SUVs? Tell Women To Stop Buying Them

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Now that we know who buys the most SUVs, we know the trend will never stop.

SUVs and crossovers are taking over the car market, particularly in the US. People are starting to forget about the tried and true sedan and the wagon is already a long-forgotten relic with the hatchback close behind. CarBuzz readers know we're not fully behind the whole crossover SUV craze. So, who's to blame for skyrocketing SUV sales? Turns out, it's women. From 2010-2015, small SUV sales to women rose 34% compared to just 22% for men. Among female buyers, 40% aren't married.

Although we don't understand premium small crossovers, sales to women have grown by 177%. Michigan research firm MaritzCX offers extra insight into the minds of female car shoppers. James Mulcrone, Director of Research Services at MartizCX says that, "There's a group of single, professional females out there that need vehicles, and you need to be attentive to them." Due to a delay in marriage and child-bearing, as well as increased education and income, a growing number of women are purchasing vehicles and making their own decision about what that car should be. When looking for a combination of practicality and fuel economy, small SUVs are winning women over.

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Catering to female buyers is essential for any automaker. According to Women-Drivers.com, 60% of women who leave a dealership without buying a car never return. Women tend to be very loyal customers, if you treat them well. If you have been wondering what is driving automakers to keep making new SUVs and crossovers, now we know. Unless we can get women on CarBuzz to tell them why a Jaguar XFR-S Shooting Brake is better than the Honda CR-V, we will continue to lose our wagons and hatchbacks.