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Good news: BMW has finally answered our prayers by putting an M3 Wagon into production for the first time ever. Bad news: rumors suggest it will be forbidden fruit in America. This is disappointing, but predictable since wagons aren't hot sellers in America compared to crossovers. However, enthusiasts want to show BMW there is enough demand for the M3 Touring to justify it going on sale in America.

After all, the Audi RS6 Avant is available America, so it's a shame BMW won't be offering the M-powered wagon to the US market.


After the announcement generated a lot of excitement from BMW M fans, Bimmerpost has submitted an online petition on to try and persuade BMW to bring the M3 Touring to the US. At the time of writing, the petition has received just over 500 signatures.

To let BMW know that you want the M3 Wagon to come to America, be sure to sign the online petition. Audi heard our pleas and eventually responded to the high demand for the RS6 in America, so we're hoping BMW will also make our dreams come true by launching the first-ever M3 wagon in the US. Last year, an online petition was also launched to bring the Mercedes C-Class Wagon to America.


Technically, this isn't the first time BMW has built an M3 wagon. An M3 E46 Touring was built for testing, but never made it to production. Spy shots have shown the new M3 Wagon will adopt the same controversial styling as its M3 Sedan, applied to a more practical wagon body style.

BMW has confirmed the M3 Wagon will share the same twin-turbo six-cylinder engine that will power the new BMW M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe, but it isn't known if there will be a range-topping Competition version. In the M3 Sedan, the Competition version will produce 503 hp. The M3 Touring isn't arriving in Europe until 2022, so BMW has plenty of time to change its mind about the wagon's availability in the US.


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