Silver Bullet 356 is der Franken-Porsche

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Strange looking as it may be, this one-off "Silver Bullet" 356 Porsche is truly a mash up of Porsches from the past.

There's no doubt Porsches have a distinctive look of all their own that make them instantly recognizable. From the 356 to today's 911 and Boxster, the German sports car maker isn't really known for its design innovation, but rather for sticking to a styling formula that makes it unique. But what happens when someone decides to mold styling traits of several classic Porsches into one? This one-off 1955 Porsche Silver Bullet Hot Rod is what, built by an Australian named Jeff Dutton back in 1992.

The car's based on a 914-6 chassis and fitted with a mid-mounted 3.0-liter 911 engine good for 276 horsepower and mated to a 915 five-speed manual gearbox. The body design is based on a 356 Continental from 1955, only now the roof has been lowered by several inches to give it more of an "Outlaw" look. It rides on 17-inch wheels and includes many fine details like six polished exhaust tips, a racing style through-hood fuel filler up front and plenty of polished accent panels throughout. One interesting design element is what's described as the "periscope" principle, featuring windows that have been let into the body panels.

The interior is quite spartan but has a 1950s racing feel to it, complete with a fire extinguisher. This "Silver Bullet" 356 was recently sold at auction for an undisclosed amount but it's clearly not something for everyone, not even the most loyal of Porsche fans.

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