Silverado Super Bowl Spot is Poetic Bestiality at its Finest

Between a steaming horny bull and the cowboy who loves him, they must be trying to tell us something about this truck.

Super Bowl auto advertising makes for some hard marketing: in 30 costly seconds, car manufacturers need to creatively tell viewers all about their models, leaving enough of an impact to get them into showrooms after the game. Enter the Chevy Silverado. With stiff competition expected from the upcoming 2015 Ford F-150, GM has to remind audiences that it's still in the game, still relevant, and definitely still doable. How do you do that? With a horny bull and a herd of fertile cows, apparently.

Throw in a proud owner and some farmhands who can’t wait to watch, and you really have to ask: who is Chevy trying to sell this truck to, and why are they on the loose?

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