Silverstone's Porsche Experience Center Revealed in Awesome Videos


Two more centers are coming to the US, in Atlanta and LA.

Get ready for a treat as Porsche has just revealed a five-pack of videos that gives a unique look into what goes down at the Porsche Experience Center at Silverstone. There's currently three such centers worldwide, the other two located in Leipzig, Germany and Shanghai, China. Two more are currently under construction, which our US readers will be delighted to hear are going to be based at Porsche's new US Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and in Los Angeles.

First up, there's a quick look at the 'Kick Plate,' a device that when driven over sends the car into a spin across a slippery surface, used to teach drivers how to control their Porsche should it go into a spin.

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The Low Friction Surface gives drivers the chance to test how traction control systems can aid them, and generally explore car control.

Off-roading is not something you'd normally associate with Porsche; nevertheless the Porsche Experience Center has a dedicated Off Road Track, designed to test the capabilities of the Cayenne in tricky off-road environments.

The Handling Circuit is designed to simulate a British B-road with camber corners and blind crests, allowing drivers to deal with oversteer and further develop car control.

Finally, the 7% incline ice hill simulates black ice and gives drivers the opportunity to test out the Porsche's technological features. Porsche lovers & owners or anyone wanting to hone their driving skills in their own car are urged to book an event here for a day you'll never forget.