Simple Modification Adds Extra Cool Factor To The Ford Bronco

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Now everyone will know what you're driving, no matter the conditions.

To say the Ford Bronco is a success is an understatement. Desperate customers are snapping them up speedily, often with hefty market adjustments from dealerships. A recent article published here on CarBuzz confirms this, with Broncos reportedly lasting just seven days on showroom floors while Bronco Sport models linger for slightly longer, at 17 days.

Part of this buying frenzy has much to do with the Bronco's capabilities, but also its stellar design. Harking back to the iconic, rugged off-roader of years gone by, the retro styling and brilliant interior design mark it out as a must-have SUV.

With several trim levels and a host of options, building your ideal (and unique) Bronco is easy. However, that hasn't stopped multiple aftermarket companies from offering even more customization choices for the desirable off-roader.

Eville Truck

Autoevolution reports on one such company, Oracle Lighting, which has developed a unique lighting system for the Bronco. In the same vein as the illuminated Three-Pointed Star available for Mercedes-Benz models, the lighting company offers an illuminated 'BRONCO' script.

At $38.75 per letter (excluding shipping costs) the upgrade isn't cheap. For the entire set of letters, you're looking at $232.50. Available in two colors (white or amber LEDs), there are also different finishes to choose from. For now, it's limited to white or black, finished in a matte effect.

YouTuber and Bronco enthusiast Eville Truck details the process of fitting the aftermarket equipment to the capable Ford. In the video, the enthusiasts go through the installation process, which requires the removal of the grille and its cover. With the front end panels removed, the original 'BRONCO' letters need to be removed. Interestingly, they're secured by rivets and not held in place by industrial glue.

Eville Truck
Eville Truck
Eville Truck

Replacing the old lettering with the new LED-backlit samples necessitates more drilling for the wiring. A seemingly simply DIY job, the new letters are reattached to the grille with 3M tape. Before placing the grille back on the front end, the wires have to be connected to the preferred power source. This proves that it's an easy enough job for the home enthusiast to undertake on a Saturday afternoon without much difficulty.

The Bronco never really needed more road presence, but after seeing this aftermarket mod fitted to the striking front end, we have to admit that the backlit Bronco badging really finishes off the overall look nicely.

2021-2022 Ford Bronco Side Perspective Driving Ford
Source Credits: Autoevolution

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