Simultaneous Burnout Record Smashed Down Under

69 cars burn rubber in Australia to set new world record.

There seems to be no limits when it comes to setting a world record. Think of something stupid, claim to be the best at doing it or bring together lots of different people to do it en masse and Robert's your father's brother: a new world record is set. This particular world record attempt was held at the Summernats Car Festival in the Australian capital of Canberra, and in order to beat the existing "World's Largest Simultaneous Burnout" record, more than 50 cars were needed.

In true Ozzie fashion, a total of 69 drivers descended on the event in their own cars to burn some rubber for 30 seconds and smash the record. Around 30 tires exploded due to the scorching temperatures, nonetheless another aimless world record was set.

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