Since When Is A Tesla Model X Worth $230,000?


We know it's good, but nearly-a-quarter-of-a-million bucks good?

There'll always be people in the world who just can't wait for the latest gizmos to come their way. No matter what the item may be, you can guarantee there'll be a whole queue of people craving it if it's either scarce or not available at all in the country of their residence - with the people in question willing in some cases to pay a pretty penny to import them over. Perhaps the most interesting recent case of this involves the Tesla Model X, where according to Forbes, gray import examples are now selling for considerable sums of cash.

With Tesla of China seemingly struggling to keep up with demand for its falcon-doored SUV, wealthy clients are resorting to the gray market in order to get the Model X they so desire, willing to deal with considerable mark-ups in order to have a Tesla SUV to their name. According to the article, a dealership in Tianjin has US-spec Model X P90Ds in stock, with prices allegedly going for between 1.54 million and 1.58 million Yuan - which, when converted into US Dollars, comes in at $231,000 and $237,000. Not only is that an eyewatering sum, considering we can get a P90D X for $115,000, but the car's available from Chinese Tesla Stores for the equivalent of $176,000.

What makes the steep prices for these gray import Model Xs even more unusual is that their US-spec systems will potentially be at best an irritating quirk for their new Chinese owners. On top of not having a valid manufacturer warranty, the Teslas will be underpined by English language operating systems, and the blocking of Google in China means the car's Google Maps-based navigation system will be completely useless. Still, we're not the ones buying the car, so the affluent Chinese people who resort to the gray import route to acquire a new Tesla Model X will likely be overlooking these foibles - after all, they dodged the Tesla Model X waiting list for a price they feel is worth paying.


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