Singapore Apartments Offer Parking in the Sky

You wouldn't leave your supercar parked just anywhere, would you? Of course not. You want it right there in your apartment.

The rich have problems just like the rest of us, only their problems revolve around things like where to park their exotic supercars when living in a high-rise condominium. (Money is a terrible burden, it's true.) Fortunately, in Singapore at least, property developer Hamilton Scotts has found a solution. Its "Sky Garage Apartments" offer a unique luxurious parking option. Biometrically controlled elevators deliver one's automobile direct to the apartment in a glass-enclosed garage.

Simply thumb the scanner, and by the time you've combed back your hair and donned your loafers, the car will be waiting outside the living room. Starting at $7.5 million for a two-car garage home, there's a serious price to pay for such a convenience. A penthouse with space for four cars comes in at a whopping $24 million.

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