Singer-Designed Porsche 911 Makes An Appearance In Monterey

Classic Cars

The company's first Targa is on display this week.

When it comes toturning air-cooled Porsches into gorgeous works of art, nobody does it betterthan Singer. At Monterey Car Week, Singer is bringing a variety of itsair-cooled Porsche 911s for buyers to ogle over, including its first Targabuild—the Cupertino. Singer names its vehicles after the location the car is destined for, which in this case is Cupertino, CA. The Cupertino is finishedin Singer’s own nickel-plate and is the perfect color to celebrate the classicTarga configuration launched in 1965.

As per request, theCupertino has been restored with a collapsible soft roof, as well as aone-piece carbon-fiber top. The exterior color is referred to as “CasablancaBeige” and is comparable to the color of the early 1980s Porsche 930 turbo. To complementthe Cupertino’s exterior styling, the Porsche comes with Fuchs-style wheelswith a white nickel finish on the barrels with closed lugnuts, as well as black-painted wheel centers. The interior is fashioned in “Tobacco Brown” leather weaveand features grommets, sport seats, along with folding rear seats.

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The 4.0-liter engine in the rear produces 390 hp and has been developed by Ed Pink Racing Engines to pin drivers to the back of the seat. As with all Singers, there’s a lot of attention given to the little things, like two air filter louvers instead of three louvers, as on the original 1965 Targas. Singer’s air-cooled Porsches are some of the prettiest things on the road and this new Cupertino has to be one of our favorites.