Singer Isn't The Only One Who Does Awesome Porsche 911 Restomods


How would you spend $200k?

Singer Vehicle Design saw something no one else did at the time, the once untapped restomod Porsche 911 market. Today, those 964 generation 911s being given new life by the Los Angeles based company can easily hit the $500,000 mark, depending on customer preferences and, not to mention, budget. But SVD isn’t the only company out there doing awesome 911 restomods. GProgramm, based in Oyster Bay, New York, focuses on the G-Body 911s, meaning those built from 1973 until 1989.

Like SVD, GProgramm gives its 911s a complete makeover. As Matt Farah points out in his latest video just before a test spin, this 1979 911 has been media blasted right down to the body, and given a complete exterior repaint, new interior (awesome tartan seats!), modern Fuchs-look wheels, and a new coilover suspension.

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And, of course, this sucker is air-cooled. Try a 3.4-liter flat-six making 350 hp. GProgramm was so anxious for Farrah’s opinion on its work, they actually drove the car cross-country 3,500 miles for the video shoot. Its goal is to build the very best classic 911s possible, and this one, at a cost of $200,000, is awfully tempting. Photos courtesy of GProgramm.