Singer Releases First 911 Production Pics

Singer Vehicle Design has released a series of official photos of their first production 911. If you're not impressed and drooling with desire yet, chances are you will be soon enough. Starting off with a fully modern Porsche drivetrain, the company has built a customized carbon fiber body that's styled after a late 60s 911. It's powered by a 410 hp 3.82-liter flat six.

In addition, Singer has placed Brembo brakes on all four wheels along with Bilstein wheel coilovers. The well-appointed interior is equipped with, amongst other things, leather weave seats, and RSR steering wheel, and a Heuer chronographer. Got everyone's interest? Great, now comes the hard part. The car will reportedly have a $200,000 price tag when it goes on sale. Some dreams do come true...for a price.

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