Singer's Limited Run DLS 911 Will Set You Back A Staggering $1.8-Million

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This is what a no-expense-spared project looks like.

Last weekend Goodwood Festival of Speed goers were treated to the unveiling of Singer's Dynamics and Lightweighting Study (DLS) 911 restoration. While we have already got most of the technical highlights of this car, the price and limited production run have only just been revealed. To recap, this stunning Porsche 911 is the result of a collaboration by Singer and Williams and incorporates the best modern technologies available in a heavily reworked but classically proportioned 911 bodyshell.

Described by Singer Vehicle Design as the most advanced air-cooled Porsche 911, the company is insistent that the car should never be referred to as a Singer, Singer 911 or anything but a Porsche 911. The respect for the German manufacturer is clear in the finer details of all Singer's restorations and they have produced a modern masterpiece in the exquisite DLS. The price of $1.8 million may seem rather steep for what on the surface looks like a restored 911 but this car is thoroughly re-engineered and was built with little concern for the costs involved.

The attention to detail in every area is really quite impressive but if there was one focal point of the entire project it would have to be that air-cooled flat-six. Developed by Williams Advanced Engineering with input from Hanz Mezger, this is no ordinary breathed-on classic motor. It displaces 4.0-liters and puts out a modern-era rivalling 500 hp. Installing such an engine into a 30-year-old Porsche would not end well and consequently a lot of thought has gone into the suspension and chassis to ensure that it can put all this power down efficiently.

A particular highlight are the carbon-ceramic brake setup while the wheels, tires and gearbox have been significantly uprated as well. To fine-tune all of these systems, Singer employed some of Porsche's most renowned engineers for the task. Rob Dickinson, the man who started Singer Vehicle Design said that he feels that such a collaboration may never happen again and that the DLS may become even more valuable in the future as a result. Only 75 DLS cars are projected to be built, so if you have a decent 964 as a donor car and a lot of spare cash in the bank, give Singer a call.

For those that couldn't attend the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year, the car will be unveiled to US-based car enthusiasts at the Monterey Car Week which kicks off August 23 this year.


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