Sinkhole Corvettes Have Become an Attraction


Never let a crisis go to waste.

Last month, a near tragedy struck the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky. A giant sinkhole managed to devour eight very special Corvettes. The cars fell some 40 feet, and the whole thing was caught on security camera. Chevrolet has promised to restore each of them after being rescued from the pit. But until that restoration gets underway, the rescued cars are once again on display at the museum and tourists are arriving specifically to sees those cars.

GM's VP for Global Design, Ed Welburn, stated that "The initial thought was: Restore them all. But now there has been so much interest that the current thinking is to not restore them, at least right away." The plan is still to ship the cars to Detroit for a proper fix, but no definite date has been set yet. So if you happen to be in the area, you ought to check this out. How often could you see several historic Corvettes that survived a 40-foot fall?

Adam Boca Adam Boca for Chevrolet
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