Sinkhole Swallows BMW 3 Series And Mercedes

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Well, that's one way to ruin your day.

We're not massive fans of cars disappearing into sinkholes, especially when they're a bunch of classics from the Corvette Museum. But, watching mother nature swallow a car is a truly cathartic experience that soothes the soul at the same rate as it induces pain among enthusiasts. The latest sinkhole catastrophe to hit the automotive world takes place in the city of Riga, the capital of Latvia where an innocent BMW 3 Series Touring has met its maker.

According to a Baltic News Network post, the surface layer of the road gave way on Gertrudes Street, and according to police, swallowed two cars while passers-by looked on in awe of the raw power of mother nature. Both a BMW 3 Series station wagon and an undisclosed Mercedes-Benz entered the hole. Only the Mercedes-Benz made it out alive.
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Baltic News Network
Baltic News Network

According to the report, the hole opened up at around 10:32 am, and the first car to fall victim the the sinkhole was the Mercedes-Benz, which managed to escape its clutches in the nick of time. The BMW driver on the other hand was not so lucky. Apparently the street collapsed during hydraulic testing which is currently taking place along the right-hand bank of Daugava River.

The city of Riga's construction representative, Linda Rence, notes that the road was overdue for a failure such as this: "during tests with increased pressure the network burst, which resulted in damages. The network in question was created in 1963 and has since used up its potential" she said.

Baltic News Network
Baltic News Network

In the photos, we can see the entire front-end of the BMW 3 Series wagon being swallowed up by the gaping hole left by the failed pressure testing. From the top, it looks like a very well-drawn piece of street graffiti, but from the side, it is clear to see that the BMW is done for.

We've covered these sinkhole tragedies before, with one of our most recent stories covering the destruction of a bus, and the near-death of a Kia Optimawhen a water main burst under a road in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. According to our sources, the owner of the BMW will be compensated for all damages incurred. We're just happy that it wasn't a new BMW M8.

Baltic News Network
Baltic News Network
Source Credits: Baltic News Network

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