Sir Chris Hoy Destroys a GT-R at Goodwood


Hay bales 1 : GT-R 0

SirChris Hoy is England's most successful Olympian, a cycling champion,who has decided to have a change of careers and pursue professionalmotorsports.This week, he was at Goodwood putting a GT-R through itspaces, when he experienced a bit of trouble. Shortly into what waslooking like a good run, Hoy seems to misjudge a corner, come in toofast, lock up, and understeer into a row of hay bales. After the accident, the British sir seemed unfazed.

He smiles and waves to the audience as he leaves the scene. Thankfully he was uninjured, which is more than we can say for the poor R35. It suffered some extensive front end damage, and the impact was severe enough that the air bags deployed. On a positive note however, the windshield wipers still work.

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Another angle: