Sir Roger Moore Drove Some Of The Coolest James Bond Cars

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The iconic Bond actor takes a final bow.

From 1973 until 1985, Sir Roger Moore was James Bond, a role that lasted for seven movies – more than any other Bond actor to date. Moore's 007 drove some ridiculously cool cars, such as a few Lotus Esprits, Alfa Romeo GTV 6, an AMC Hornet, and a Renault 11. But more importantly, Sir Roger, who sadly passed away yesterday at age 89 due to cancer, was a class act through and through and despite his fame and fortune, served as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador upon seeing horrible poverty in India while filming a Bond movie.

The UK's Car Magazine has put together this brief tribute video for Sir Roger, and we wanted to further share it with all of you. Before playing Bond, Moore also starred in the TV series "The Saint' for several years, where his character drove that forever cool Volvo P1800 coupe. Farewell, Sir Roger Moore.

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