Sit at your Desk like a Boss: Iconic Racing Car Chairs

With over 30 options to choose from, Racing & Emotion have really outdone themselves this time with their racing-inspired furniture.

Racing & Emotion has just released their latest line of artwork, and let's say it is one that tugs at our very soul. For devoted fans of racing (those amongst us who can't get enough classic racing memorabilia), comes a collection of chairs that are absolutely epic. The collection of desk and egg chairs will set you back a pretty penny, however they are as epic as they appear. Buyers will have many classic racing team themes to choose from, such as Porsche, McLaren and Mercedes.

The chairs move on a swivel, allowing a 360 degree turn. 30 different choices are available, however the Racing & Emotion racing chairs run from a hefty $4,800-$5,480 a piece. Check out the designs and let us know what you think about these racing-inspired seats.

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