Sit Back And Enjoy 9 Minutes Of Supercars Accelerating

We could watch these cars all day long.

Seeing a supercar drive by is a cool experience. Usually, when you see something like a Lamborghini or Ferrari about to drive away, you get your camera out and enjoy the music of the exhaust. So how amazing must it be to sit and watch supercars drive away for almost 10 minutes straight? That is exactly what YouTube channel MDK Super cars has done. At Supercar Sunday in Assen, MDK captured cars like the Ferrari F40, Koenigsegg CCX, and a Porsche 918 just to name a few. This must have been one amazing show.

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy more than nine minutes of supercars accelerating. Unfortunately there weren't any Mustangs that caused an accident leaving this event. Which car do you think made the best noise when leaving?

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