Six BMW M3 Racers To Enter 2012 DTM

At a glance, the DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) race series might look similar to other touring car series like BTCC, but in truth DTM is probably more of a German version of NASCAR. All of the manufacturers taking part are German and even though the cars being raced have little in common mechanically to the street cars they are supposedly based on, the series is still a good opportunity for a bit of extra racing pedigree.

Audi, Mercedes and Opel are currently enjoying the benefits of this exposure, but now BMW has decided not to sit on the sidelines anymore. BMW will enter six M3-based cars in the 2012 season, marking 20 years since they last participated in the series. Victory for any of these teams isn't the foregone conclusion that it is in some race series, so BMW should have a fighting chance, even as a newcomer.

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