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Six-Wheel Racing Pickup Is One Monstrous Creation

Carlex Design / 3 Comments

The spectacular answer to a question nobody asked.

What could be better than a 4x4 for off-roading? A 6x6, that's what. Or at least that's what Mercedes demonstrated when it rolled out the G63 AMG 6x6 half a decade ago. And since its departure only a couple of years later, others have been scrambling to fill the enormous void it's left.

Among them is Carlex Design – a Polish firm perhaps better known for customizing vehicle interiors, but which revealed its take on a six-wheel-drive Mercedes-Benz pickup a couple of months ago. Now it's taken that design in a very different direction.

Called the Exy Monster X concept, the design envisions a heavily modified Mercedes X-Class with six wheels – presumably all of them driven (or what would be the point). But instead of tackling the wilderness, the Monster is envisioned for the track.

Those six wheel wells, as you can see, are blistered and extended to (barely) contain the steamroller Bridestone Potenza semi-slicks, on which the whole thing sits much lower to the road (or track) than the previous version released. And though no mention was made as to what might motivate the thing, it's said to incorporate six carbon-ceramic rotors to provide stopping power.

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In a final digit raised at the off-road set, the bodywork's also envisioned to be crafted out of carbon fiber. And has it special lighting bars and winches front and rear.

To what end, you wonder? Carlex (and its new Pickup Design division) says it could be used as a track recovery vehicle to help stranded race cars that have crashed or beached themselves in a gravel run-off area. Whether circuit and race officials would actually be interested in acquiring such a vehicle and putting it to its stated use, we couldn't say. But from where we sit, this project is as ridiculous as it is splendid.