Skater Vs. Car: Who Do You Think Is The Winner?

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The road is a not a skate park.

So we've seen numerous encounters between skateboarders and cars. Sometimes the skater comes out on top, in other instances the car is the clear winner. One of the most recent skater versus car incidents that we saw involved a group of skate brats blocking the road when an Acura NSX was trying to pass. In this case, the end result was not in their favor. However, an instance in which the skateboarders were the victors was pulled off by Steve-O and crew who had a field day wrecking his car by skating all over it.

So what happens when a skateboarder does a massive jump over a guard rail and lands in the middle of the road as a big Range Rover comes barreling towards him? We're sure you'll be hitting the rewind button on this one a few times like we did.

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