Skeleton Drive-thru Prank is an Instant Classic


MagicofRahat strikes again.

Some may say a prank like this is childish and inappropriate. And we say forget them; they’re the fun suckers in life. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a little fun and a few laughs at other people’s fright. MagicofRahat, if you don’t already know, is that outright hilarious amateur magician who loves nothing more than pulling a fast one on unsuspecting drive-thru employees. In the past he "disguised" himself with an empty driver’s seat thereby making it look like no one was behind the wheel.

Now there’s a skeleton in the driver’s seat which manages to freak all those workers out, and of course we’re laughing our asses off as we did from his previous works of art.

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In case for some reason you had missed the invisible driver prank. Here you go. It's a pisser.