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Skiing In Old Jaguars Looks Like Stupidly Good Fun

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Only in The Grand Tour will you see three middle aged men go skiing in three knackered old Jags.

Last week's episode of The Grand Tour was arguably the best in the current season yet. The premise was simple: Clarkson, Hammond and May each bought three old Jaguars and took them on an epic road trip across Colorado in a film resembling classic Top Gear's cheap car challenges. Along the way, the cars were subjected to a series of increasingly ambitious challenges. Though, as they found out, simply making it to the destination without breaking down was a challenge in itself.

Clarkson showed up in a V8-powered Jaguar XJR, while Hammond chose a 1967 Mark X 420G, aka the getaway car of choice for every British bank robber in the 1960s. May, meanwhile, elected a more modern Jag in the form of an XK8 convertible from the 2000s. Suffice to say, neither the Mark X 420G or XK8 survived the trip.

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Turns out an old 1960s Jag can't take much punishment on a dirt track. In another challenge, the three cars were driven along the world's highest altitude airport. The twist? They had to reach 100 mph and brake before plummeting off the cliff at the end. No prizes for guessing what happens to May's XK8 convertible. But no matter, because in the next scene both cars were replaced in the hope that viewers would be none-the-wiser, meaning the Clarkson was the only presenter left in the car he started with. For the finale, the trio embarked on their most perilous challenge yet. To avoid paying, they took the three Jaguars skiing down a slope.

Judging from a video released on YouTube, driving down a sheer drop is as terrifying as it sounds, requiring careful driving. For once, the fear on their faces doesn't look scripted. After all, these cars were never designed to go off-road - let alone speed down a ski slope. They proved a handful to control, to say the least - at one point May comes dangerously close to veering off the side of a cliff. But before long, The Grand Tour gang got into the groove and started to enjoy racing each other while sliding in the snow. It may look scary at times, but it also looks like stupidly good fun.