Skinny Brit Loses Shelby Mustang Virginity

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THIS is how things are done in America.

There's a certain stigma many Europeans have regarding American cars. Some see them as big, loud, and cheaply built with way too much plastic throughout the interior. OK, some of that maybe true, but it's hard to argue with just how amazingly well American automakers do cheap speed. There are many, many examples, but today XCAR gets behind the wheel of something quite special: a Ford Shelby Mustang GT/SC. With its supercharged V8 pumping out either 525 or 624 horsepower, this Mustang may not be ideal for Europe's roadways.

No, this thing was created for long stretches of American highways. Check out this British auto scribe's first taste behind the wheel of a Mustang (seriously) as he travels from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. It's how we do things in America.

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