Skoda Kodiaq Revealed: Is This The Car To Crack The US With?

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Hopefully Volkswagen will bring a rebadged version of this SUV to the US.

Vokswagen's Czech brand Skoda has been in the news far more than usual lately. Not only have there been rumors that the Skoda brand could replace VW in the US, there have also been teasers for a gorgeous new SUV called the Kodiaq. Now, we finally have some details about this new SUV. Two 1.4-liter diesel engines are available with 148 or 186 horsepower. There will also be be two 1.4-liter gas engines with 123 or 148 horsepower, while a 177-hp 2.0-liter engine will sit at the top of the range. Range topping engines only come with AWD and a DSG.

The Kodiaq will be available with a six-speed manual or DSG transmission with either front or all-wheel-drive. A third row is available as an option, but with so much room for passengers, this SUV isn't very powerful. The fastest gasoline engine takes 7.8 seconds to hit 60 mph. The US will get a three-row SUV from Volkswagen called the Teramont, and this model should have a lot more power than the Skoda Kodiaq. We doubt that the Kodiaq could sell in the US where SUV buyers crave more power. However, Skoda has introduced some new semi-autonomous driving features that we could see on future Volkswagen models. One of these systems assists with steering while towing, which is very helpful.

The Kodiaq itself likely won't make it stateside, but the idea itself is very important for Volkswagen's future US sales. At the moment, Volkswagen only offers the Tiguan and Touareg models in the US. The Tiguan is a bit to small for US buyers and the larger Touareg is too expensive and still only seats five passengers. Other manufacturers like Ford and Toyota build seven-seat crossovers which appeal more to utility-oriented buyers. Volkswagen may not bring the Kodiaq to the US directly, but a similar three-row SUV could give the company the sales boost that it needs. The base Kodiaq will start around £23,000 ($30,500), although premium models should have a higher price tag.

The Kodiaq will have cool features like selectable driving modes, adaptive suspension, and a wireless charger for your smartphone. There is also a nifty feature which allows the driver to transmit their voice to Bluetooth headsets in the rear seats. We are excited to see the Kodiaq in full, and we are even more excited to see new versions in the future. The Kodiaq should get a version of the twin-turbo diesel engine from the Passat which produces 240 horsepower. This would really give this SUV some much needed oomph.


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