Skoda Man-Pram Comes with 20-inch Alloys

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When gearheads become parents this is the stroller to help them cope with fatherhood.

As the Skoda Octavia vRS was unveiled without anyone really noticing, the Czech carmaker has had another go by creating a "vRS Mega Man-Pram." Billed as the ultimate form of baby transport, the carriage stands two meters high, comes with wing mirrors, high-spec brakes with oversized calipers and brake lights, high-beam headlamp, hydraulic suspension, 20-inch alloys wrapped in all-terrain tires, anti-stress grips, and sports-style upholstery. These are essentially the features the vRS variant of the Octavia benefits from over the stock model.

In the accompanying video aimed at a British audience, the new model cruises through a creepy neighborhood where the Man-Pram doesn't look out of place next to a teddy on steroids, three-foot tall ice-creams and the daddy of all bbqs.

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