Skoda Octavia Set To Burn Up The Tracks At Bonneville

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Czech automaker Skoda has given the Octavia vRS quite a boost in order to prepare it for the Bonneville Salt Flats, which takes place from August 13-20 near Wendover, Utah. The Octavia's standard 2.0-liter TSI engine has been drastically reworked for the event. It will be receiving an enormous Garrett G-05 turbocharger with a twin blade billet cut compressor wheel capable of producing up to 28PSI of boost and a jaw dropping speed output of 600hp.

The motor has a gas-flowed cylinder head with an ECU tweaked by REVO Technik. The vRS has also lost some weight, around 550 pounds of trim has been completely removed from the interior, giving it a much faster result. It also been fitted with very powerful Safety Devices such as a roll cage and Kirkey drag racing seat. The transmission has been swapped for the gearbox from an Octavia Greenline, the high-efficiency diesel version, which was chosen to give the vRS some extra speed at Bonneville.

The rear brakes have been replaced with a drag racing parachute. The wheels are 15-inch steel rims wrapped in high-pressure Goodyear Eagle Land Speed tires. Skoda will race the vRS a total of nine miles straight, with a timed mile in the middle of the course. We can only imagine how the rest of the competition will look like.

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