Skoda Octavia vRS Bonneville Special Goes Fast

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Skoda has hit 202mph in their modified Octavia vRS Bonneville Special.

Bonneville Speed Week just came to a close last weekend, and Czech carmaker Skoda has taken most of the glory for a great run in their Octavia vRS Bonneville Special. In celebration of the 10-year anniversary of their vRS badge, Skoda's UK outfit brought in their heavily-modified Octavia to Utah to run on the famed Bonneville Salt Flats. The Octavia vRS Bonneville Special hit a top speed of 202.14mph, following in the footsteps of Suzuki who achieved a 200mph run in their Kizashi.

As with the Kizashi, Skoda modified their car a bit. The Octavia vRS runs a 200hp turbocharged 2.0-liter TFSI diesel engine on its stock model, while the Bonneville Special sports a modified version of the diesel engine complemented by a Garret turbocharger for a total output of 500hp. The ride height of the Octavia was lowered over 3-inches and features some aerodynamic changes with a high-octane race fuel supply. The car was entered into the Bonneville Speed Week's '2.0-liter production car' class. The Salt Flats are located in Utah and has been home to some of the world's fastest land-speed times. Skoda is currently trying to hit 216mph.

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