Skoda Previews the Hotness that is the VisionD Concept

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If the VisionD Concept truly changes the way Skodas are modeled, then we will totally change our minds about Skoda completely.

Skoda isn't necessarily known for making the sexiest rides on the planet, however they are working hard to change the way people look at their cars, starting with the looks of their cars. The Skoda VisionD Concept is said to be the harbinger of the Czech company's new design language and it is exceptional to say the least. We saw the VisionD Concept earlier this year in Geneva, however back in March we didn't think the look had much staying power, given the company's prior record in automotive design.

These new photos confirm our suspicions were wrong and that the mid-size hatchback, complete with a longer wheelbase, is looking better than ever. Combined with their MissionL concept that arrived in Frankfurt a short while ago, Skoda's new direction has some serious legs. Could these two concepts be the foundation for the third generation Octavia? No-one knows anything yet, however we expect to see a near-production model in Geneva next year in March followed by the finished production version, possibly at Paris in September. The new Octavia would then be scheduled to launch in early 2013.

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