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Skoda Yeti Pick-Up ETAPE Concept by BT Design

The Skoda Yeti ETAPE Concept is one sporty little pick-up.

BT Design has created a very interesting Skoda concept at the 2012 Leipzig AMI Show. The ETAPE Concept, as it is known, is a sporty pick-up truck based on the Czech crossover which is quite a sight in real life. The ETAPE Concept features plenty of changes from its four-door crossover cousin. The two-door pick-up features a wide-body kit with flared wheel arches, bigger wheels, redesigned interior and, of course, a flatbed in the back. The only thing left to stock is the hood.

The Skoda Yeti ETAPE Concept was built to 'showcase the endless possibilities of customization' for the versatile crossover. "We want to inspire individuals and the whole industry. Our aim is to provoke even greater demand for individualization of cars from both end user and manufacturers. At the same time we want to present the possibility of building a completely unique promotional vehicle to order to various companies," said Josef Zajicek, Managing Director, BT Design. BT Design is a subsidiary of Benet Automotive. Czech in origin, they work closely with Skoda Auto on several projects and this is their latest creation.

Love it or hate it, the ETAPE Concept is currently on display now at the 2012 Leipzig AMI Show. Check out some of the live shots from the German show in the gallery below.

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