Skydiving into a Beetle Cabrio

VW's "As Sun As Possible" campaign shows how to land via parachute in a drop-top Beetle.

Volkswagen is on a mission to demonstrate how much fun you could have in a Beetle convertible. For our part there are plenty of other drop-tops we’d go for before the bug, but the latest model is a definite improvement over the last one. But for those looking for a little fun in the sun, it’s as good a bet as most. To drive the point home, so to speak, VW staged a little stunt video where a skydiver jumped out of a plane over Hawaii and landed in the cockpit of a moving Beetle.

It’s a stunt we’ve seen before, but always puts a smile on our face. And that, at the end of the day, is all Volkswagen is trying to do. So check out the brief half-minute clip below and see how much fun the Beetle Cabriolet can be.

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