Slammed Lincoln Continental Looks Devastatingly Sinister

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A lower altitude and bigger wheels change its character completely.

Production of the Lincoln Continental is coming to an end. The luxury limousine just couldn't make it in a world where Merc's S-Class exists, and Lincoln has chosen instead to focus on SUVs like its parent company, Ford. But perhaps we all judged it too harshly. Maybe, just maybe, it could have survived at least a little longer if it looked a little meaner. Abimelec Design had the idea of making the large sedan look a little different, and his previous designs have shown that even the unusual can look good, so for the Continental, he decided to slam it on the floor. Not everyone is a fan of stanced cars, but the overall look here is pretty clean.

Abimelec Arellano Abimelec Arellano Abimelec Arellano

As you can see, a black Continental really shows off the simple yet elegant lines of the big-body sedan. Chrome stands out here quite clearly, so a set of old-school-style wheels from Detroit Steel Wheel Co. were imposed on the car too, complete with domed chrome center caps and dished lips. That's pretty much all that's changed, but it works. Of course, the artist could have gone to a more extreme level and fully embraced the VIP niche of the stance culture with some extreme camber and massively wide wheels, but this classy and clean look works well too, at least in our opinion.

Abimelec Arellano Abimelec Arellano Abimelec Arellano

Naturally, in order for a car at this height to be relatively practical, it would have to run on air suspension, and since most luxury cars in this league generally feature an OEM air spring system (albeit never a system capable of laying the subframe on the floor), a kit from Airlift Performance or another supplier wouldn't be out of place here. What do you think? Should the Continental have been allowed to live longer? Would a severely lowered one be more attractive to you? Or should we just forget about this modern American relic and focus on cars that are already good without Photoshop being applied?

Abimelec Arellano Abimelec Arellano Abimelec Arellano Abimelec Arellano

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