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Scooters have shot to new levels of popularity in the past few years - and automakers have clearly noticed.

The scooter may become officially "cool" with gearheads thanks to the efforts of a few automakers. If you have been paying attention to the auto shows of 2011, you might have noticed that a surprising amount of scooters were debuted. These scooters are mostly electric-powered, and were designed for urbanites who were too cool or broke to own a car. Whether you consider yourself too hip to drive, or just find yourself incredibly curious as to what a BMW scooter looks like, you're going to want to check out all of these sleek automaker scooters.

Gearheads were stunned and crushed simultaneously when Honda announced its new Integra scooter. The new Integra is powered by a 670cc gas engine capable of doing 87mph. The new Integra has a mean design and enough power to easily blow past a Vespa.

The Volkswagen E-Scooter is a small, but mighty scooter powered by a 350-watt electric motor. The scooter has a max speed of 30mph and has a maximum range of about 24 miles. VW is releasing the E-Scooter into Chinese test markets (big, cramped cities) sometime in 2012, with a worldwide rollout to follow should the test be a success.

BMW is getting into the scooter game with the new Motorrad E Scooter. The Motorrad E is an electric scooter with a maximum range of 62 miles. The scooter is designed to be tech-savvy with its built-in LCD display screen that displays everything from the current speed to the battery's life. Add on the fact that the Motorrad E can be charged from a wall outlet and you have a tri-winning design.

Peugeot is getting back into the electric scooter game with the e-Vivacity. The e-Vivacity is the first electric scooter from the French automaker since 1996's Scoot'elec. Peugeot's newest scooter is powered by a small lithium-ion battery pack capable of producing a top speed of 28mph and a max range of 62 miles.

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