Sliding A BAC Mono In The Snow Looks Like Bonkers Fun

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BAC certainly knows how to reward its loyal customers.

The bonkers, British-bred BAC Mono is one of the best track toys money can buy right now – and best of all, it's finally being sold in the US. You would think, then, that driving a track-focused car like the lightweight BAC Mono on slippery snow and ice would be a recipe for disaster. Not so, apparently. To demonstrate its surprising versatility, the company's co-founders took three beastly BAC Monos on a trip to Are in West Sweden, where some of its loyal customers got to take them for a spin in conditions they never imagined their Mono would encounter.

During the inaugural Mono Ice Driving Experience trip, drivers were given driving tips by the company's co-Founders Neill and Ian Briggs and Drive Team Leader Oliver Webb. All three BAC Monos performed remarkably well on the snow, and before long everyone was drifting like a pro. The goal was to demonstrate how accessible the Mono is to drive, as well as reward customers for buying their creation. That, and it looks like the most fun you can have in a car. "The first Mono Experience trip was an overwhelming success," said BAC Co-Founder Neill Briggs. "Our clients are considered our friends, and we are so happy that they became part of a very exclusive club of Mono drivers to have hit the ice."

Spirits were high for the duration of the trip and we're very excited for the next phase of giving back to our loyal customers. What a fantastic experience it was for us in Sweden and the absolute perfect setting for the Mono," Co-Founder and Design Director Ian Briggs added. "The blue skies, the white snow – it's exhilarating before you even start to move. We had helicopter rides, snow mobile tours and built an even closer relationship with our customers. I still remember imagining what it would be like to drive the car long before it even existed; and every time I drive it I get that feeling – especially in an environment you haven't driven before. It's a wonderful feeling."

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We wish more manufacturers would reward loyalty like this – we can't think of anything more fun than sliding a 305-horsepower car that only weighs 580 kg in the snow. BAC is already planning another driving experience in May at the high speed Isle of Man road circuit, too. Not that we're jealous or anything.

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