Slot Car Ignites Hydrogen Balloon

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Toy cars? Explosions? Super-slow motion video footage? What else could you ask for?

Slot cars can be fun for a while, but they're limited to what they can do: basically, they drive round and round the same track, and maybe fly off if you squeeze the throttle trigger too much. But that's about it. Right? That's what we thought until we came across this little video clip. Someone filled an ordinary balloon with hydrogen, tied it in front of a ramp on a slot car track, and affixed a lit sparkler to the slot car (which to our eyes looks like a miniature version of an Ascari A10).

The result? A rather impressive ball of flame, shot in super-slow motion at 3,000 frames per second. It's about as cool as slot cars get, so check it out in the clip below. (Find some cool videos on YouTube? Send them to!)

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