Slovakia's Craziest, Lightest And Perhaps Only Kit Car Is Now On eBay

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Here's something you may never see again.

This K1 Attack has to be one of the craziest kit cars available today. It's designed in Slovakia, but one is available on eBay right now. K1 Engineering is known for producing wild supercar kit cars like the K1 Attack and has been doing so since the early 2000s. Unlike other K1 Attacks, this one has a 2.2-liter Nissan four-cylinder engine that supposedly makes 170 hp. For even more power (and money), the seller will fit the roadster with a Ford V6 that is claimed to make 225 hp.

While other kit cars are all show and no go, the K1 Attack is fitted with pushrod suspension, Brembo brakes, a fiberglass body and a steel tube space frame. The two-seat roadster only weighs 2,300 lbs, which is right up there with some of the lightest vehicles around. This may be one of the nicest kit cars on the market today, but there is one major downside to the vehicle - the interior. By today's standards, the K1 Attack's interior is archaic. The kit car is equipped with a CD audio system, extremely thin racing seats and, a must-have for any kit car, gauges. The car is said to have seven miles on it and is believed to have been built in 2014.

It's definitely something that you won't see ever again and for $42,500, it's priced well. So, let us know what you think. Is this K1 Attack kit car worth the same as a used Porsche Boxster?

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