SLS AMG GT is a Matte Silver Missile

It may not be the easiest car to handle at the track, but the Mercedes SLS AMG GT is absolutely perfect for a drive through Beverly Hills.

It’s got those gullwing doors, a long ass hood that houses a monstrous hand-built 6.3-liter V8, and a lineage that traces back to one of the greatest cars to have ever been made. The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT coupe is just one of those special cars that have the unique combination of performance, styling and history. And for about $200,000 it can be all yours. But for that price there are many other fine alternatives on the market that are lighter, mid-engined and faster. So why go for the SLS?

The harmonic gurgle coming from the V8 is downright delightful, perhaps one of the best sounds to ever come from a gasoline engine. Check out this new video with pro racing driver Justin Bell taking the SLS AMG GT out for a drive at Willow Springs raceway.

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