SLS AMG Isn't Going Anywhere


As Mercedes develops its Porsche 911 fighter for a 2015 debut, it appears the SLS AMG will continue to live on as well.

As Mercedes-Benz continues development work on its upcoming Porsche 911 fighter, the tentatively named SLC, there have been a few rumors going around claiming the SLS AMG will be killed off to make room for the new model. According to a new report coming from an Australian source, that's thankfully not happening. Although it's still unconfirmed by Mercedes, AMG will sell the two sports cars side by side in an effort to grab a greater share of the high-performance market.

The SLC will also have its own unique sheetmetal, so don't expect the spy images you've seen of test mules to be anywhere near the final look of the car. Because the SLC will be built on a shortened version of the SLS AMG's space frame chassis, it will also help justify the original development costs of said chassis. The bottom line is that it ain't cheap to develop such an advanced chassis for a single model, so Mercedes is eager to utilize it even further. Along with the 911, the SLC will also do battle with the Audi R8 and perhaps even the Nissan GT-R. Expect for the SLS AMG to receive a facelift in 2015, the same year we can expect the SLC to debut.

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