Small Block Shopping Cart Is Faster Than Your Ride

If only "Supermarket Sweep" was still on.

This ridiculous creation is called the Shopper Chopper. It was originally built to represent Musser’s Market of Quarryville, Pennsylvania, in a parade. However, the cart quickly took on a life of its own and the result is a beast that stands 9 feet, seats six and is powered by a 290-horsepower Chevy small block. It comes equipped with 500 LED lights that turn it into a mobile Christmas tree when the occasion calls for it, which is basically any time the sun goes down.

The video here shows a close-up of the Shopper Chopper’s engine. For being exposed to the elements (when it’s outside the garage) it sure looks good.

The Shopper Chopper cost a lot to build and you can guarantee that it doesn’t just sit around the Musser’s Market parking lot for photo ops. No, its owners have begun renting it out and judging from these photos it’s quite the crowd-pleaser.

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